Feedback —
Foodbowl Auckland

Feb / July 2020 workshops

"Great amount of content covered, with some great insights into this market."

"Engaging and easy to follow along with. The content covered was very valuable and it was approached in a way that was easy to understand."

"Fantastic - thorough and credible overview. Hugely valuable to those businesses seeking to navigate the space, and really useful for me to understand as I work with those businesses. Clear and understandable presentation. Will definitely recommend  Robert to those businesses that I work with who could use his help."

"Learned more in the first 60 minutes than the last 2 years."

"Seems to have a wealth of experience.
Relevant information, accessible & in depth."

"So much relevant & helpful info that is usually hard to find in one place."


"I have known and worked with Robert for many years. He has been our go to consultant on all things FMCG.


Robert has a unique skill in that he listens, assesses where you are and where you need to get to, swiftly. There is no waffle, just good sound input and direction. He has forged several longstanding key account relationships, these have been sustained through tenacity, honesty and a very clear understanding of the channel.


Perhaps Robert’s greatest attribute and the thing we are most grateful for in our business is his follow through. The phone will always be picked up to  kick ideas around, refine and reset.


In a channel as fluid as FMCG, you need focus, clarity and fresh thinking, Robert brings this and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to any business that needs to revisit what they are doing, tactically or strategically."

M Farrugia

RM Wine Partners

"Robert started engaging with ALDI in March 2013. In the time that Robert started this process, he engaged with it in a very thorough and professional manner. What was key in this process was his ability to listen, understand and act. His communication was thorough and timely, whilst clearly understanding ALDI's needs and expectations.

Robert understands that FMCG is more than just a transactional process. Most importantly, he listened to the needs, communicated the progress and was proactive in communicating where efficiencies, issues etc could be managed better. The small things add up to large things and nothing was ever a problem for Robert. He is an excellent operator who is honest, professional and proud of what he does. There are many account managers who could learn from his processes and approach.

My team and I have no hesitation recommending Robert and the account management skills he brings to the table."

J Bowyer

Buying Director - Wine, Beer and Spirits

“As a result of working closely with Traction, we have streamlined our Australian and domestic business and have made great progress in international markets.”

D Tyney

Viscosity Ltd

“Always pleasant, and with a broad knowledge of the trade, any contact with Robert is productive and will bring the deal one step closer to being finalised. Give him a call.”


Single Vineyard Sellers